For alumni


MBA Alumni Association - permanent independent community of managers, possessing MBA degree (Master of Business Administration).

Association is created as the voluntary non-commercial professional organization.

Association unites best managers, possessing MBA degree, for business communication and experience exchange, cooperation and professional growth.

United, we are able to influence our future, future of the region and our country, able to contribute to appearance of professional managers on key positions in management of national economy. We believe that spreading professional competence principles and civilized business management will help to make the Republic of Tatarstan economically powerful an prosperous.

Association strives to be authoritative source of information about executive education programmes and MBA Business Schools. 

MBA Alumni association is the perfect base for managing of joint projects.


Creation of a critical mass of high-educated managers, able to influence the future of Russia effectively, supporting progressive initiatives and spreading professional competence and civilized business management principles.


  • Form the Community of highly professional managers, possessing MBA educational qualification in the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • Create appropriate conditions for effective communication and professional partnership and collaboration of Association members
  • Assist the promotion of educated managers on key positions in business and state apparatus.
  • Award community status of MBA alumni based on high professional and personal reputation.
  • Strengthen the connection of education and business. Contribute to further training of business community.
  • Improve the education quality on MBA programmes in the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • Contribute to education abroad

Ethical code of association members

Norms and regulations are formulated in the MBA Alumni Association code

Members of Association are obliged to voluntary follow the rules in the code.

Violation of the code leads to the suspension of the Membership in the Community or the exclusion from it.


Association member should report valid information.

Any Association member can address their colleague for the professional or personal question, being sure in finding response and feedback.

Association members trust each other. The base of reputation of Association Member is honesty and decency.

Association members are up to unconditional implementations of voluntary accepted oral and written commitments. Association members are characterized by the unity of words and actions.

Association member strive to be among the key representatives of their field, constantly improving their professional level.

Association member complies to confidentiality of information, that was gotten from the other member.

Association member stays far from unfriendly actions and statements addressed to other Community members.

All of the Association members are equal in their rights and access to resources. Serious decisions are made in the process of voting.

Membership in Association gives:

  • Information exchange
  • Professional consulting
  • Supporting your interests
  • Establishing necessary communications (including VIP)