As a subdivision of Kazan Federal University, Higher School of Business combines the academic traditions of Kazan University, the growing progressive dynamics in all spheres of its life and the business thinking of the modern business community. Our School, which is a new educational space for the integration of world experience and domestic practice, acts as a platform for those who themselves determine the rules of the game for their company.

The main goal of our programs is to prepare management personnel for activities in the conditions of crisis and post-crisis market relations, which presupposes the formation and development of the personality of a professional manager that meets modern requirements. This includes preparing managers for the roles of leaders and reformers in organizations; developing their strategic thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial skills; the ability to apply knowledge in the field of business and management to complex business problems in different situations; developing skills such as problem analysis, decision making, teamwork, negotiation, communication and presentation; encouraging self-management, lifelong learning and personal development.

One of the main tasks of the programs we are implementing is to increase the professional efficiency and personal motivation of managers. The acquired new knowledge and skills of working with the external environment will allow the company's management to solve complex problems of managing the future and feel confident in the competition by mastering the most effective technologies for business development in a dynamically changing environment.

Opportunities formed for students by our teachers and business trainers, multiplied by intensive communication with thinking, ambitious fellow students, create a synergy effect that changes views on business and opens up new prospects for personal growth and business development.

We sincerely believe that graduates are a solid foundation of our business reputation and a guarantee of success!