Project management

The goal of training

Training high-skilled specialists with expertise in planning, organization, execution, monitoring and standards project management; investment management, business planning, technology in the field of project management.


  • Strategic management
  • Effective management models
  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • The concept of sustainable development. ESG
  • Innovation management
  • Financial management and financial analysis: implementing technologies in projects
  • Operational management
  • Investment analysis
  • Business-planning
  • Corporate finance
  • Management accounting
  • Effective negotiations
  • Conflict management
  • Corporate governance
  • Modelling of project risks
  • Project cost management

The most important professional skills

  • Sustainable business development
  • design of the organizational structure, new lines of business
  • modeling and making business decisions
  • implementation of project management methods using software
  • investment management, project financing
  • formation of project teams and teams
  • conducting applied scientific research with the presentation of its results

The area of professional activity

  • investment companies
  • banks
  • analytical and project services of real and financial sectors of the economy
  • commercial structure of companies and holdings
  • project teams and teams that provide funding for projects
  • innovative enterprises, business incubators, parks
  • development institutions (the investment development Agency, Federal regional development funds)


  • Organization of project management
  • Designing new lines of business
  • Modeling and making business decisions using IT technologies
  • Competencies in the field of investment management, project finance
  • Formation of project groups and teams
Apply for the program


Kirshin Igor

Doctor in Sciences, Economics, Professor

Duration of study

2 years 6 months

Learning format

  • part-time


  • Graduates receive a state diploma from KFU with the award of a Master's degree in the direction of Management.

Documents required for admission

  • higher education

Admission procedure

  • motivation letter
  • professionally oriented interview

Documents required for admission

  • application form
  • questionnaire
  • passport
  • diploma of higher education
  • copy of work record card certified at the place of work (at the discretion of the applicant)
  • 4 photos 3x4 (matte paper, color or black and white)
  • contract


  • It is possible to organize semester internships at partner universities.

The cost

114 720 ₽