The goal of training

Masters training with professional competence in the field of logistics and operations management, supply chain management and business processes for modern companies of the real sector of economy, production and trade organizations, companies, logistic operators, transport companies.


  • Modern problems of management
  • Modern strategic analysis
  • Research methodology
  • Academic communication
  • Leadership
  • Economics for managers
  • IT management
  • Quantitative methods in management
  • Digital management strategies
  • National economy
  • Management of logistic business processes
  • Project management
  • Operational management
  • Innovation management
  • Supply logistics and distribution
  • Logistics system design
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Time management
  • Customs services and logistic operations
  • International supply chain management
  • Logistics cost management
  • Investment
  • Risk management and business logistics processes controlling
  • Urban logistics
  • Business planning
  • Financial management and financial analysis
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate finance
  • Production logistics
  • Modern storage systems and transportation technologies

The most important professional skills

  • logistics management strategy for the Organization's activities
  • network management
  • inventory management and warehousing using models control the status of stocks, etc.
  • the formation and development of transport and logistics clusters
  • development of logistics infrastructures
  • conducting applied research with the presentation of its results

The area of professional activity

  • production companies and services
  • bodies of State and municipal administration
  • economic services of the enterprises
  • sales service
  • logistics centers
  • the company provides logistics and warehousing services
  • industrial and construction companies
  • network structure, branch network (trade)
  • special economic zones
Apply for the program


Kirshin Igor

Doctor in Sciences, Economics, Professor

Duration of study

2 years 6 months

Learning format

  • Full-time
  • part-time
  • modular
  • weekend (Sat, Sun 1-2 times per month)
  • evening (18:00-21:00)


  • The graduates are awarded a KFU Masters degree in management diploma.

Documents required for admission

  • higher education

Admission procedure

  • Motivational essay. The essay is a text (no more than two A4 pages), which should reflect the education and practical background of the applicant, professional plans for the future, the reasons for which the applicant wants to study the program, and how he/she will use the knowledge, skills acquired during MS degree program in further professional activities.
  • Interview on a professional block including entrance test The purpose of the entrance test is the formation of a group of trained and motivated applicants for studying at the Higher School of Business. The economic block interview includes 50 multiple choice questions. The duration of the interview is 60 minutes. The maximum possible final score is 100 points. The entrance test is considered passed if the applicant had scored 40 or more points. The entrance test is considered not passed if the applicant had scored 39 or less points.
  • Documents portfolio. Including diplomas, recommendations and all types of achievements.

Documents required for admission

  • application form
  • questionnaire
  • passport
  • diploma of higher education
  • copy of work record card certified at the place of work (at the discretion of the applicant)
  • 4 photos 3x4 (matte paper, color or black and white)
  • learning contract


  • Semester internships can be arranged at HSB's partner universities.

The cost

110 640 ₽