Economics of sustainable development and integrated reporting


Training of ESG-specialists capable of: developing and implementing projects in the field of sustainable development, as well as assessing the readiness of the organization for sustainable development; work on both strategic and operational issues on the ESG agenda, as well as identify and analyze key ESG risks and opportunities, provide ESG generation and integrated reporting for investment purposes.


  • The concept of sustainable development. ESG
  • Economics of sustainable development
  • Financial instruments for sustainable development
  • Information support for the formation of ESG reporting
  • Industry specifics of low-carbon development
  • Ecological and economic management and environmental impact
  • Integrated reporting in the sustainable development system
  • Workshop on ESG and integrated reporting
  • International Business
  • Production management
  • Risks of sustainable development
  • Business process modeling
  • International Accounting and Reporting Standards
  • Investment analysis
  • Legal aspects of sustainable development
  • The concept of sustainable development. ESG

Career prospects

  • manager-consultant for sustainable development of the company
  • analyst in the field of ESG and sustainable development
  • industry eco-analyst
  • project manager for the development and implementation of ESG projects
  • project manager for the development of ESG reporting
  • integrated reporting expert
  • investment analyst in the field of ESG
  • developer of the company's environmental and social responsibility strategy
Apply for the program

Kaspina Roza

PhD, professor, Chairperson of Management accounting and Controlling department in the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance of KFU

Duration of study

2 years; 2 years 6 months

Learning format

  • Full-time, part-time


  • Graduates are issued a state diploma of KFU with a Master's degree in Economics.

Documents required for admission

  • higher education

Documents required for admission

  • motivation letter
  • professionally oriented interview
  • Documents required for admission
  • application
  • questionnaire
  • passport
  • Diploma of Higher Education
  • a copy of the work record book, certified at the place of work (at the discretion of the applicant)
  • 4 photos size 3x4 (matte paper, color or black and white)
  • contract for training


  • It is possible to organize semester internships at partner universities.

The cost

188 940 ₽