Economics of low carbon and sustainable development


Training of ESG specialists capable of adapting the strategic and operational objectives of companies in the transition to a low-carbon economy; own the tools of ecoanalytics and economics of resource-saving technologies; manage the economics and finances of climate projects; assess ESG risks and monitor compliance with standards and procedures.


  • The concept of sustainable development. ESG
  • Economics of sustainable and low-carbon development
  • World Economy and Decarbonization
  • Financial instruments for sustainable and low-carbon development
  • Information support for the formation of ESG reporting
  • Green project management
  • Innovation and development
  • Industry specifics of low-carbon development
  • Ecological and economic management and environmental impact
  • Financial analysis in the context of sustainable development
  • Production management
  • Risks of sustainable and low-carbon development
  • Legal aspects of sustainable development
  • Corporate strategies for low carbon neutrality and sustainability

Career prospects

  • Head of Sustainability Department
  • ESG project manager
  • manager-consultant for sustainable development of the company
  • ESG and Sustainability Analyst
  • ESG Banking Analyst/Specialist
  • project manager for the development of ESG strategies, procedures and indicators
  • green economy and green finance expert
  • ESG Investment Analyst
  • Energy Transition Economist
Apply for the program

Venera Vagizova

Doctor of Economics, Professor

Duration of study

2 years; 2 years 6 months

Learning format

  • Full-time, part-time


  • Graduates are issued a state diploma of KFU with a Master's degree in Economics.

Documents required for admission

  • higher education

Documents required for admission

  • motivation letter
  • professionally oriented interview
  • Documents required for admission
  • application
  • questionnaire
  • passport
  • Diploma of Higher Education
  • a copy of the work record book, certified at the place of work (at the discretion of the applicant)
  • 4 photos size 3x4 (matte paper, color or black and white)
  • contract for training


  • It is possible to organize semester internships at partner universities.

The cost

188 940 ₽