Business and finance


Formation of a new system of professional knowledge focused on the acquisition of competencies in the field of financial and investment management, modern financial instruments and technologies necessary for making effective management decisions. Preparation of masters with professional competencies in the following areas: - finance of branches of the real sector of the economy, business structures and ensuring the needs of their development with financial products and technologies; - financial markets, financial institutions (including banks) and modern financial technologies.

The goal of training

Formation of a new system of professional knowledge focused on ensuring effective interaction between the financial and real sectors of the economy in the context of the dynamic development of national and global markets.

Training of masters with professional competencies in the real and financial sectors of the economy, business structures and providing their needs with financial products and services.

Subjects forming the master's program

  • Microeconomics (advanced level)
  • Macroeconomics (advanced level)
  • Econometrics (advanced level)
  • Academic communication
  • Models of effective management
  • Investment
  • Financial institutions and industries
  • Finance and small businesses
  • Project management
  • IT Management
  • Digital economy
  • Big data analytical systems
  • Financial management and financial analysis
  • Modelling of business processes
  • Business valuation
  • Business-planning
  • Project financing
  • Sustainable development of business
  • Business law
  • International business
  • Financial support of foreign trade and foreign economic activity
  • Taxation
  • Household finance management
  • Actuarial calculations and insurance financial products
  • International financial reporting standards
  • Financial risks
  • Agribusiness and finance
  • Modern banking technologies

The most important professional skills

  • gaining knowledge in the field of business development of modern financial instruments and products
  • gaining knowledge in the field of real sector of economy
  • the formation of interaction models of business and finance
  • getting the system of knowledge of modern financial products and technologies
  • formation of professional competences in investment, project management
  • conducting applied research with the presentation of its results

The area of professional activity

  • financial institutions
  • corporations of the real sector of the economy
  • bank structure
  • analytical services
  • financial services corporations
  • the financial service system of public administration
  • appraisal companies
  • investment companies
  • business structure
  • consulting
  • enterprises of small and medium business

Learning outcomes

  • Providing business with modern financial instruments and products
  • Business planning
  • Formation of models of personal finance management
  • Professional competencies in investments, project management, financial consulting, risk management
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Venera Vagizova

Doctor of Economics, Professor

Learning format

  • Distance, 2 years 6 months


  • Graduates receive a state diploma from KFU with a Master's degree in Economics.

Documents required for admission

  • Higher education

Admission procedure

  • motivation letter
  • professionally oriented interview

Documents required for admission

  • application
  • questionnaire
  • passport
  • Diploma of Higher Education
  • a copy of the work record, certified at the place of work (at the discretion of the applicant)
  • 4 photos of 3x4 size (matte paper, color or black and white)
  • contract


  • It is possible to organize semester internships at partner universities.