Open lecture of Virginijus Kundrotas at the Higher School of Business KFU

May 24, 2017, an open lecture by Mr. Virginijus Kundrotas, a renowned specialist in strategic management, a member of the International Board of Trustees of the Higher School of Business KFU, was held at the Higher School of Business.

Virginijus Kundrotas is a business coach and consultant in Change management, organizational change, leadership, business ethics and corporate responsibility. Virginijus Kundrotas is the author of the "Business Ethics" textbook (1999, 2002, 2006) and 17 scientific publications and reports published at the national and international levels.

The lecture focused on tools for managing change in organizations through the Adizes methodology. The basic principle of the Adizes methodology is that each organization, like any living organism, has a natural life cycle, according to which it is possible to distinguish legitimate transitions from ups to downs, as well as specific problems for each of the development stages of the Organization.

The lectures were attended by students of the DBA, MBA, and partner companies of the Higher School of Business KFU. Participants in the open lecture praised the professionalism and functionality of the content, which would let effective organizational transformation in companies happen.

Virginijus Kundrotas

  • Dean of the Higher School of Adizes (USA), PhD
  • Vice president of the Adizes Institute (USA) for Western Europe and the Baltic countries
  • President of Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA)
  • Vice President of the Management Development Association (CEEMAN) for Central and Eastern Europe
  • EPAS, CEEMAN, Lithuanian Centre for quality Assessment of higher education Expert
  • Founder President of the University of Management and Economics, ISM in Lithuania
  • Member of the International Scientific Committee of EDUNIVERSAL
  • Consultant, business Coach on change management, organizational transformation, leadership and business ethics and corporate responsibility

May 23, 2017, Virginijus Kundrotas was elected as a member of the International Board of Trustees of the Higher School of Business KFU

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