Graduation of masters

On December 6, the Higher School of Business graduated on the master's programs “Enterprise Management”, “Business and Finance”, “Accounting and Integrated Reporting in Business” in the areas of “Management” and “Economics”. 34 masters graduated from these programs. Graduation was held at the KFU Museum of History.

The graduation ceremony was opened by the Dean of the Higher School of Business Alsu Akhmetshina, speaking with information about the master's programs of the School, the history of their launch and implementation. Since 2015, the Higher School of Business, which until then implemented exclusively MBA programs, has violated the implementation of master's programs in the areas of Economics and Management.

The master's programs of the School of business are primarily practical. Their preparation and implementation is carried out with the assistance of employers and school partners. The School has strong partnerships with government agencies and with large companies of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as with leading Russian and foreign business schools.

Graduates of this year defended dissertations on relevant topics, focused on the acquisition of competencies in the field of management, economics and business, and are in demand by modern practice, including:

  • Internal diagnostics of the company: determination of strengths and weaknesses (on the example of OOO TNG-Kazangeofizika);
  • Features of developing a development strategy for a pharmaceutical company;
  • Financial and credit mechanisms to support the activities of enterprises in the RT industry;
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) of the company;
  • Financial and credit technologies in the oil and gas business;
  • Accounting policy as a system-forming factor in business management;
  • Sustainability management and reporting of Russian business according to international standards;
  • Information and analytical support of information on capital for the purpose of forming a business model of the organization and others.

Alsu Rinatovna invited the masters to join the Association of Graduates of the Higher School of Business KFU, and also recommended to keep in touch with the School and classmates, proudly bear the name of the graduate of the Business School KFU and be ready for continuing education.

The supervisors of the master's programs spoke to the graduates with the words of congratulations and parting words.

In response, the masters spoke, who thanked the School for the high quality of educational programs, attentive attitude towards students, and effective organization of the educational process.

We wish our masters a good journey!

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