June, 5 2019, Higher School of Business hosted the defense of the graduate qualification projects of the MS program "IT management".

MS programs of the Higher School of Business are practice-oriented and are compiled with the assistance of employers and partners of the School. The program "IT-management" was also created with the participation of the Ministry of Information and Communication. The School has stable partnerships with corporations of real and financial sectors of the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as leading Russian and foreign business schools. MS programs are in demand, the School continues to recruit and train MS students.

The objective of the training program "IT-management" is: the training of management personnel for the business environment and public administration in the field of modern information technology and their effective use. The content of the program contains disciplines that are focused on obtaining modern knowledge in the field of it project management, modeling of business processes, quantitative methods in management, modern analytical systems (Big Data), database management systems (Oracle), corporate information systems (SAP), information security, as well as disciplines in the field of modern management.

The Graduation Commission noted the high level of MS level. MS students defended their dissertations on current topics focused on the acquisition of competencies in the field of IT management:

  • Application of artificial intelligence technologies in management of modern companies
  • Modern systems of business Intelligence class for business process planning
  • Risk management of IT products implementation in companies
  • Methods for assessing the economic efficiency of an IT project
  • Practical application of Blockchain technology
  • Business process modeling using CASE tools
  • Modern information systems and information technologies in corporate planning
  • E-commerce
  • IT-provision of real estate management
  • Reengineering and restructuring of business processes based on information technology
  • Features of project management in the field of IT

Higher School of Business invites Masters to join the Alumni Association of the HSB KFU, proudly bear the name of the Higher School of Business KFU graduate and be ready for continuous learning.

We wish our Masters a good journey!

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