Marketing and Sales

  • How to write an effective business plan
  • Creativity in Sales
  • Sales by phone
  • Secrets of Merchandising
  • Effective sales
  • Marketing Research

Processes and production

  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Lean Manufacturing. Philosophy, theory, technology
  • Logistics
  • Organization and management of supply activities
  • Crisis response in the short and long term perspectives

Personal Growth Technologies

  • Image as an investment
  • The art of Public speaking
  • Effective negotiations
  • Acting and stage speech for business people
  • How does one get everything done and finish work in time?
  • Professional Communication technology: Lnaguage tricks
  • Communication Skills Development
  • Master Class "Presentation. Preparation and presenting"
  • Leadership in achieving result

Financial management

  • Team Formation and development
  • Development of staff Incentive system
  • An effective top manager and his team
  • Evaluate your business
  • Financial Analysis practices
  • Financial management
  • Financial aspects of Marketing
  • Finance for HR
  • Finance for Owners


  • Cost accounting
  • Financial Accounting and analysis