We invite you to MBA programme 2015-2017 in Kazan.

The best teachers of Kazan Federal University, eminent professors of the best business schools in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions, as well as representatives of international programme partners from France, Poland, USA and other countries are involved in the educational process.

Structurally MBA programme consists of five thematic blocks:

  • Economics and Law
  • Organizational Governance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Production management
  • Elective Courses

Classes are held in the form of trainings, round table discussion, lectures and seminars.

The MBA programme is implemented in accordance with the license number 0000747 90L01 series from 04.23.2013 and of the Certificate of state accreditation series 90A01 number 0000870 from 16.08.2013, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science.


2 years

School time:

08.00 a.m.-05.00 p.m.

Form and training schedule

full-time/part-time form of training, modular - 10 training cycles, each lasting 10 days

Terms of admission:

  • higher education;
  • management experience;
  • strong motivation for study in the MBA Programme.

How to apply?

Admission to the MBA programme stipulates the procedure established for forming a group of students whose skills, personal qualities and experience will allow creating a well-balanced and sustainable team that benefits each of its members.

Formalized procedure includes:

  • Interview
  • Management Test
  • Essay

The interview includes questions for a potential student asked to identify the motives of applying for the MBA programme, the level of self-discipline, the ability to communicate with others, ability to contribute to the group, especially the character traits, temperament, etc.

The purpose of the management test is to identify:

  • the level of general knowledge in the field of economics, management, marketing organization, the basic laws of the market economy;
  • logic and systematic thinking;
  • the high school level of training in mathematics.

Essay doing involves writing of not less than one printed page text, in which the applicant must clearly justify his/her vision of his/her professional and personal development in relation to studying in the MBA programme.

Upon completion of training students receive a Diploma of Kazan Federal University and MBA Degree.

  • Students who successfully complete MBA programmes at Higher School of Business KFU­ are eligible to receive the AMBA Certificate, adding extra value to the Kazan Federal University Diploma.