On May 24-26, 2019 an executive program for OOO TagraS-Holding "Strategic management and innovation" was carried out.

Executives of service Holding company TagraS headed by the Director General Lenar Nazipov were learning under the program "Strategic management and innovation".

The purpose of this module is the formation of system knowledge in the field of strategic management in the context of modern transformations, as well as in the field of technology of innovative transformations of business processes.

The structure of the starting module of the program was represented by the following courses:

"Strategic management", "Innovative model of business processes" and business training "Team synergy". Leading domestic and foreign consultants were invited to implement the program.

The course "Strategic management", which started the first module was conducted by Olga ALEXANDROVA - business consultant in the design and development of strategic management systems in companies, PhD, lecturer at RANEPA, HSE.

In order to get acquainted with the best practices of innovation and implementation of the course "Innovative model of business processes", Professor Kok Beng NEO (Singapore) was individually invited to the program - a leading foreign consultant in the field of digital economy, innovation and breakthrough technologies, a teacher at Harvard University, Stanford University (BioDesign), National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University (AIEIP), an entrepreneur in the field of commercialization of research results and new technologies.

Training to create team synergy was conducted by Elena KULBARISOVA - business coach of Higher School of Business KFU, practitioner and consultant in the field of HR management and personnel technology development of the companies.

On the first day of the training, students of the program systematized the strategic guidelines for the development of companies, identified the features of the external and internal business environment, studied the tools for developing a strategic development program and creating a sustainable competitive advantage of the Holding.

On the second day of the program, with the participation of a foreign specialist, students were introduced to the technologies of changing the design of business processes in the company under the influence of breakthrough innovative technologies on the example of foreign oil industries (Shell).

The third day of the program was devoted to the identification of algorithms of team synergy in the implementation of the company's results-oriented strategy in a rapidly changing environment.

Opening the program, the Dean of the Higher School of Business KFU Alsu Akhmetshina noted that the School has close partnership relations with the TagraS-Holding since 2015: the School conducts training of employees on long-term programs DBA, MBA, MBA Extractive industries, MBA IT management, short-term programs, field practical modules.

"We hope that the executive program of the new level will contribute to the solution of strategic tasks of the holding, will contribute to the preparation of management for system transformations and development", - summed up Alsu Akhmetshina.

The General Director of the TagraS Holding company Lenar Nazipov presented to the management team and expressed wishes to the contents of the training program and its results. The head of the Holding noted that in modern conditions the holding is going through a responsible period of its development, in which the basic conditions for its long-term competitiveness are formed. At the same time, digital transformation, disruptive technologies, which are now seriously transforming the traditional foundations of activity are a new challenge that requires a review of business processes and approaches to work. In this regard, General Director wished his colleagues the successful learning at the program, the acquisition of new and systematization of existing competencies for their further successful application for the benefit of the Holding.