DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONS - seminar of National University of Singapore professor Kok Beng NEO for the industrial partners of Higher School of Business KFU

24.05.19 an open English – language seminar on digital transformations-Digital Transformations was held at the Higher School of Business KFU. The speaker was Kok Beng NEO * – a leading consultant in the field of the digital economy, innovation and breakthrough technologies, Professor at the Business School of the National University of Singapore, Stanford University, USA, Harvard University, an entrepreneur in the field of commercialization of research results and new technologies. 

The agenda of the seminar allowed corporate employees to get answers to the following important questions:

- reasons for the disruptive technologies takeover and the possibility of using new technologies in various industries;

- principles of digitalization, artificial intelligence, blockchain and their application in corporations;

- business platforms and transformation of business processes in the context of digital transformation;

- reorganization of the company into an innovation corporation;

- reengineering of strategy and organizational structure.

Special attention was paid to the practical aspects of the digital transformation paradigm implementation on the example of silicon valley and open innovations.

HIgher School of Business KFU expresses its appreciation to the industrial partners, OOO TagraS-Holding, OAO Grid Company, PAO Tatneft, AO Tatenergosbyt, Nurievy Clinic, OOO Tatintek, OOO Buinsky Sakhar, whose employees participated in the seminar and wants to actively apply the acquired knowledge in activities of their structures.

Higher School of Business expresses its gratitude to the distinguished Professor for business cooperation and professional interaction in the implementation of the school's management programs.