"Innovative development of the company and new professions" - topic of OAO "Grid company" General Director Ilshat Fardiev meeting with the students of the MBA program.

On February 5, 2019, General Director of OAO Grid Company Ilshat Fardiev met with the MBA program students enrolled in 2018. The topic of the meeting was the directions of innovative development of the company and new professions. The format of the meeting in the form of a round table provided a dialogue between the head of the company and employees on management education issues. The meeting was attended by the Dean of the Higher School of Business Alsu Akhmetshina, Deputy General Director of OAO Grid Company on the economy Natalia Nazarova, Head of Staff Operations Department Vsevolod Semeniuk and others.

Opening the meeting, Alsu Akhmetshina welcomed the participants and focused on the fact that OAO Grid Company is one of the main corporate partners of the Higher School of Business KFU. Throughout the existence of the Higher School of Business KFU, Ilshat Fardiev sent 190 students for training. The attention of the General Director of the company to the careful selection of students for the MBA program, personal participation in the formation of project research areas, projects defence on the Final certification Commission were noted. Alsu Akhmetshina drew special attention to the constant interest in innovative changes on the part of the management of OAO Grid Company. An example of this is the field practical module "Innovations in energetics" organized by the Higher School of Business KFU in Silicon Valley (2016, 2017, USA).

Ilshat Fardiev held a personal conversation with each student who was enrolled to MBA and MBA IT-management program, was interested in the results of particular training modules, focused on the application of the results of management education in the activities of the company and its departments. Special attention of the General Director was paid  to the need for each student to develop projects that would ensure the implementation of the company's strategy, introduce innovative technologies in its activities.

Natalia Nazarova revealed the experience of the company's interaction with the  Higher School of Business KFU on the preparation of qualification projects, the results of which were put into practice. Such projects as "Improving the OAO Grid Company efficiency through the large-scale introduction of works under voltage" (2015), "Comparative analysis of the projects efficiency for the power lines reconstruction of 6(10) kV" (2015), "Improving the  Company's activities efficiency in the integrated automation of distribution networks (digital RES) based on intelligent metering devices" (2018), "Introduction of BIM-technologies in the design of energy facilities and related infrastructure" (2018) were prepared in the Higher School of Business KFU and implemented into the activities of OAO Grid Company.

Vsevolod Semeniuk informed the students on the new professions in the smart energy system and advised them to show interest in modern transformations that are taking place in the era of digital transformation.

At the end of the meeting, the students were recommended to offer the directions of project research that would be in demand at the company, would meet the dynamic changes, provide innovative transformation of traditional approaches to the production management, operational and investment systems of the company.

We express our deep gratitude to our corporate partner, General Director of OAO Grid Company, Ilshat Fardiev for the long-term cooperation, support and trust to the Higher School of Business KFU, and we wish fruitful work on qualification projects and their successful implementation in the company's activities to MBA students!