"Collaboration with corporations" - agenda of the 4th meeting of the International Advisory Board of the Higher School of Business KFU

On November 23, 2018, the 4th meeting of the international Advisory Board of the Higher School of Business KFU was held on the topic: "Strategy of the HSB interaction with corporations".

The meeting was attended by:

  • Valery SOROKIN – Chairman of the Board of Directors of PAO AK BARS BANK, Director General of AO Svyazinvestneftekhim, Chairman of the International Advisory Board of the HSB KFU 
  • Alsu AKHMETSHINA – Dean of the HSB KFU
  • Airat BASHIROV – President of ZAO DANAFLEX
  • Artem GORLANOV – Director of OOO TagraS -Energoservice,
    Member of the Board of OOO TagraS-Holding
  • Rafael KANTYUKOV - Deputy chief engineer for operation of main gas pipelines of OOO Gazprom transgaz Kazan
  • Rustam MUKHAMADEEV - Deputy Director General for General Affairs of PAO Tatneft
  • Lenar NAZIPOV – Director General of OOO TagraS - Holding, Chairman of the Board of OOO TagraS - Holding
  • Irek SALIKHOV – Chairman of the Board of Directors of AO Yadran-Oil
  • Sung Joo PARK - Founding President of AAPBS (Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools), Professor Emeritus of KAIST College of Business (South Korea), Doctor of Science.
  • Virginijus KUNDROTAS – Dean of the Graduate school of Adizes, President of the Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA), Doctor of Science.
  • Venera VAGIZOVA - Vice Dean of the HSB KFU.

The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the International Advisory Board - Valery Sorokin.

The agenda of the Board meeting covered the development of educational programs for corporate partners (long-term programs, business trainings and seminars, internships, consulting), the application of international cooperation experience between business schools and corporations.

The Dean Of the Higher School of Business of Kazan Federal University, Doctor of Economics Alsu Akhmetshina made a welcoming speech to the members of the International Advisory Board. . She thanked the members of the International Advisory Board for their active participation in the activities of the School and noted that their professional expert opinion is essential in shaping the development strategy of the Higher School of Business.

The first item on the Board's agenda was the introduction of new members of the International Advisory Board. The Board includes two new members:Lenar NAZIPOV –  Director General of OOO "TagraS-Holding", Chairman of the Board of OOO "TagraS -Holding" and Artem GORLANOV – Director of OOO "TagraS - Energoservis", Member of the Board of OOO "TagraS-Holding". In recent years, School seriously develops cooperation with OOO "TagraS-Holding", teaching the management of the company on the DBA, MBA programs, business trainings.

In her presentation, Alsu Akhmetshina presented the key areas of implementation of the strategy of interaction between the School and corporations, revealed the role of the Higher School of Business in the training of partner companies' management. Long-term partners of the School are: AO "Svyazinvestneftekhim", OAO "Grid Company"; PAO "Tatneft", OOO "TagraS-Holding", AO "Yadran-Oil", AO "Tatenergo", OOO "Gazprom transgaz Kazan", AO "AK bars" Holding company, etc. The School presented to the Council a portfolio of long-term educational programs (DBA, MBA, MS), as well as a portfolio of business trainings and seminars that are successfully implemented for corporations in the field of modern management tools, personnel management, operational management, financial management, IT management, self – management, industry educational programs (management of a medical company, innovations in agricultural production, investment analysis in industries, management of oil and gas projects, etc.).

At the meeting, special attention was paid to the presence of professional competencies in the field of consulting at the School, which is also successfully implemented for the School's partners. A distinctive feature of the School's consulting services is the technology that allows conducting training of the company's personnel simultaneously with the implementation of consulting tasks.

The report of the international expert Sung Joo Park was of great interest. The report was on the topic: "The experience of KAIST (Korea) in the development of cooperation with corporations." KAIST College of Business is a "MIT" in Korea, so the experience of this business school in the field of corporate training is particularly indicative. Areas of Executive education KAIST College of Business meet modern business needs: IT, Business Management, Technology Management, Management Engineering, Innovation and change Management, e – government, Finance and Finance Engineering, Green Business; conducted research and project activities.

Sung Joo Park on the example of successful collaborations with Samsung and other companies revealed the main elements of the development of corporate training tools: education, innovation and corporate finance. Revealing the tools for the development of education, the expert noted the main types as retraining of top and middle management of companies at the level of Executive programs; cooperation in teaching-the use of co-treating technologies, which involve the involvement of specialists from corporations (industrial professors), internships. Special attention was paid to the philosophy that the University is an open source of innovation for corporations. In this regard, the expert emphasized the need for collaboration of such tools as" technology "and" management", organization of startups and business projects at the University and their development in corporations. Corporate funding involves the formation of special funding for future generations in the form of grants, scholarships, support. Examples of the development of the principles of corporate social responsibility in Korea were given; the expert guided the heads of corporations present at the meeting of the Council on the development of these principles, revealed the tools for its implementation. In conclusion, Sung Joo Park wished the Higher school of business to become a kind of hub – platform for solving the needs of business, corporations. "Build cooperation so that both sides benefit from it," concluded the distinguished expert.

In her speech, Alsu Akhmetshina drew attention to the fact that the School develops competence in the field of effective interaction with corporations. In this regard, the School was chosen by the Malaysian company PEMANDU Associates (Performance Management and Delivery Unit) – a consulting company that promotes strategic transformation of the public sector and business. The activities of PEMANDU Associates are based on the 8-step methodology OF pemandu BFR (Big Fast Results) and the secrets of transformation, which allows corporations to update their development strategies and achieve accelerated implementation of the adopted strategies.

The speech of the international expert Virginjus Kundrotas was devoted to the development of the Global EMBA program "Professional individual, efficient business, effective society" for students of the Higher School of Business KFU. Virginjus Kundrotas drew attention to the relevance of field practices in foreign companies for Russian managers.  To this end, the structure of this program involves the initial training module "Organizational transformation" to organize in Mexico as a dynamic economy, the main educational module to be organized in the Higher School of Business, module on business commercialization to be organized in Korea KAIST College of Business, the final module on the preparation and protection of projects to be completed at the Higher school of business.

Alsu Akhmetshina made a report on the events that have been held at the School since the last meeting of the International Advisory Board, among which were noted the successful re–accreditation of MBA programs by the AMBA Association, improving the rating of the School in the international ranking of business schools EDUNIVERSAL, the successful holding of the international conference "Modern business schools in the era of disruptive technologies" with the participation of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov.

Members of the International Advisory Board noted the dynamics of the main indicators of School development, brand promotion and international recognition of educational programs, collaboration and partnership, teachers ' qualification, customer satisfaction, quality of educational programs. At the same time, the participants of the meeting focused on developing a strategy for positioning the school as a leading business school in the Volga Federal district, and intensifying activities in the field of program promotion.

At the end of the meeting, Alsu Akhmetshina thanked the members of the International Advisory Board for their constructive work. Higher School of Business of Kazan Federal University expresses its gratitude to the Trustees for their support and assures of the School's serious intentions in sustainable development, ensuring a high level and quality of educational programs.