25.10.18  Higher School of Business KFU and Malaysian company PEMANDU* signed an agreement which is focused on:


  • mutual exchanges and cooperation between faculty, researchers and students;
  • implementation of joint research projects;
  • organization of academic programs/courses, seminars, scientific conferences and other forms of knowledge exchange;
  • exchange of expertise and programs in areas of mutual interest;
  • assistance in creating and presenting new programs based on the PEMANDU Learning Academy portfolio;
  • cooperation in order to promote the "Big Fast Results" technology in the business community of the Volga region, including the organization of conferences on the model of "Global Transformation Forum".


The signing ceremony of the agreement was attended by:

Dato’ Sri Idris Jala  - the President and CEO of PEMANDU Associates. Internationally recognized professional in the field of transformation using the methodology developed by him: PEMANDU BFR (Big Fast Results). In 2009-2014. Jala served as Minister in the Malaysian Government and ensured the implementation of The National Transformation Program, 2015-2018 – adviser to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. In 2014 Bloomberg recognized Jala as one of the ten most influential politicians in the world.

Datuk Chris Tan is the Executive Director of PEMANDU Rus LLC. He supported the strategy of the electronics industry development and implementation in the framework of the Malaysian National transformation program. He manages the projects coordination on the PEMANDU BFR (Big Fast Results) methodology implementation in Africa and Russia. Experienced coach, he conducts seminars in various countries (Germany, USA, Hong Kong, Tanzania, China, etc.), teaching the correct definition of strategic priorities

Zehan Teoh – senior Vice President, PEMANDU Associates. He has been working in the field of project and program management for 16 years. He consulted telecom industry leaders in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Pakistan. In recent years, he focuses in the reform of public administration issues.

Dean of the Higher School of Business KFU Alsu Akhmetshina made a presentation about the key activities of the School and the prospects of cooperation with the consulting company PEMANDU.

The prospects of cooperation in the development of the Kazan agglomeration were discussed during the meeting. According to representatives of PEMANDU, the main economic center of the agglomeration may be the Kazan Financial District.

In addition, representatives of PEMANDU proposed to introduce the practice of implementing projects in special "laboratories".  This method involves attracting professionals from the certain economic sectors for the joint decision-making and clarifying problematic issues.  

*PEMANDU Associates (Performance Management and Delivery Unit) is a consulting company that promotes strategic transformation of the public sector and business. The activities of PEMANDU Associates are based on the 8-step methodology of PEMANDU BFR (Big Fast Results) and six secrets of transformation, which allows both government agencies and business to develop clear strategic plan, deployed in the detailed implementation supported by stakeholders with a quantitative assessment of results and progress. In 2009-2014  PEMANDU provided the development and implementation of the Malaysian government transformation Program (GTP) and Malaysia's Economic Transformation Program (ETR), which allowed the country to make an impressive economic breakthrough. The company actively cooperates with Russian federal and regional authorities. The methodology of PEMANDU "BFR" was tested in an adapted form in Russia by the Consortium Leontief center - AV Group (LC-AV) in the framework of development of the strategy "Tatarstan-2030".