At the Higher School of Business Masters programs were launched

On September, 15 2018 at the Higher School of Business Masters programs were launched. Admissions office of 2018 showed that the following master's programs are in demand:

  • "Business and Finance"(head – Doctor of Economics, Professor Venera Vagizova);
  • "Management of enterprises"(head – Doctor of Economics, Professor Alsu Akhmetshina);
  • "Project management"(head - Doctor of Economics, Professor Igor Kirshin);
  • "Accounting and integrated reporting in business"(head – Doctor of Economics, Professor Roza Kaspina);
  • "International business" (head – Doctor of Economics, Professor Dinara Gallyamova)

The goal of MS programs is to prepare masters with a multidisciplinary professional competence, global thinking, new management technologies in Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, able to solve development tasks for the business environment.

New MS students are coming from universities of Kazan and Tatarstan, Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Tyumen, Astrakhan, etc., as well as graduates with work experience. 

HSB management and heads of programs made a presentation at the opening ceremony: Dean of the Higher School of Business, Alsu Akhmetshina and the heads of MS programs. In their welcome address they stated the significance of modern education and its practical orientation. HSB Management disclosed the peculiarities of learning at the Higher School of Business, wished listeners to productively spend the next two years of learning in School and to make a full use of all opportunities offered.

Higher School of Business expresses gratitude to the students who chose to start MS programs in Kazan Federal University, and assures the provision of high level and quality of the programs.

We wish all the students success and excellent study!