A meeting of the KFU Rector with the AMBA International CEO was held on June, 13, 2018 (UK)

On June 13, the day before the International scientific-practical conference "Modern business schools in the era of disruptive technologies," rector of Kazan Federal University Ilshat Gafurov met AMBA International CEO, Andrew Main Wilson. Welcoming the partner University, Ilshat Gafurov revealed part of the strategy of the University aimed at increasing the degree of immersion students and graduates in the problem of commercialization of their work and financial literacy. In particular, according to the rector, it is important for all students regardless of the specialty in the first year to explain how the modern economy works.
At higher levels, where MBA programmes are taught, ideas have real borders within the framework of business projects and joint ventures. Mr Andrew Main Wilson praised this approach, noting in an interview that this is the practice of leading scientific centers of the world.
"Ideas need to be collected and need a place to absorb. Even if two or three out of hundred is a great result. I am especially pleased that the University of this level is located in Kazan. By the way, this is the only non-capital AMBA-accredited University. Unfortunately, in Western Europe people don't know much about this wonderful city like Kazan, but I think that thanks to you and all of the current sports and cultural events, they will learn much more," - said AMBA International CEO.
AMBA (Association of MBAs) is an international organization founded in 1967 which deals with the accreditation of business schools and MBA programmes.
Kazan Federal University received its first AMBA accreditation in 2015, for programmes of Masters of Business Administration preparation in Higher School of Business.