The Higher School of Business attended the RABE International Conference

In Nizhny Novgorod, the EMAS Business School hosted RABE international conference on the theme: "Practical points of business school cooperation in the MBA market and other management education programmes".

The Dean of the Higher School of Business KFU Alsu Akhmetshina, made a report in a plenary discussion on the following topic: "The experience of the Network partnership of HSB KFU in the management education system". Alsu Akhmetshina disclosed the specifics of the School's educational programmes - Masters, MBA, DBA, using a network format and partnership in the following areas: Teaching, management of graduation projects, research activities, scientific guidance, and learning about best practices in the world.

Special attention was given to the challenges that need to be addressed in the organization of effective forms of the network management education format:

  1. Business orientation - engaging business environment representatives in the rganization and implementation of network education programmes; Strengthening interaction with corporate universities; Embedding the project management tools in educational programmes;
  2. Increasing internationalization as a mandatory component of modern management education programmes in a global market environment; 
  3. Creating cross-disciplinary levels of network-format educational programmes; 
  4. Training in modern design and efficient administration of network education programs.

The Conference was attended by members of the Russian Association for Business Education, representatives of the RABE Council, RABE President Sergey Myasoyedov, CEEMAN President Professor Danica Purg, AACSB-International Vice President Tim Mescon, CEO AMBA-International Andrew Wilson, Baltic Association BMDA President Virginijus Kundrotas, CAMAN President Asylbek Kozhakhmetov and others. In general, more than 60 participants-leaders of Russian and world business education-participated in the conference.